Millikin Community Cello Choir


Millikin Community Cello Choir (MCCC)

The Millikin Community Cello Choir (MCCC) is an intergenerational ensemble open to all cellists interested in a group musical experience. This ensemble offers opportunities for cellists to play together, develop ensemble skills, and advance their individual playing levels in a fun and relaxed environment. This 10-week course welcomes cellists of all performance levels with at least one year of experience. MCCC will rehearse and perform pieces written and arranged for cello ensembles in a variety of styles.

All ages are welcome with a minimum of 1 year of playing experience.

Directed by: Professor Amy

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Millikin Community Cello Choir resumes virtually on January 18, 2022. In-person meetings continue on February 1 as per Millikin University Covid protocols.


MCCC performs the Decatur Area Arts Council Christmas Walk, Dec. 1,  5 pm.